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HIPAA GDPR Compliance

No matter which industry you serve, odds are your business needs to comply with some kind of regulatory standards. As companies continue integrating technology into their business operations, more legislation will be created to dictate how companies manage the personal and financial data of its users and customers.    Why Compliance is Important Not being […]

4 must-have tech tools for your team
Cybersecurity training is an essential part of a businesses’ overall security strategy.  But, by allowing your employees to experience a phishing attack they would possess not only knowledge from the training but the experience of viewing an attack in their own environment.  Combining these two things can result in a more aware and vigilant end [...]
Checklist: Do You Need a Virtual CIO?

Amid your daily responsibilities, are you making time to strengthen your cybersecurity, create a disaster recovery strategy and plan other value-added IT initiatives? Like most small and medium-sized companies, you probably don’t have enough time in the day to devote to protecting and advancing your business technology. A virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) serves as […]