Ransomware Recovery Services

Key Point From The Article:

  • Ransomware recovery services help businesses mitigate ransomware attacks.
  • While many ransomware attackers demand funds in exchange for decryption keys, others demand payments to prevent the release of sensitive data to the public.
  • When a business is under a ransomware attack, its best shot for successful mitigation is going for reliable ransomware recovery services.

Ransomware recovery services help businesses mitigate ransomware attacks. When a malicious actor blocks you out of your system — or steals and encrypts your business data and starts demanding funds — you’ll need recovery services to help you bounce back.

While most attackers usually make financial demands to offer decryption keys, others demand payments to prevent the release of corporate data to the public or dark web. Such a situation creates a new dynamic when mitigating a ransomware attack.

As a result, businesses under a ransomware attack require professional ransomware recovery services to:

  • Determine the ransomware attack vector and variant
  • Recover and restore business data and systems infected with ransomware
  • Decrypt infected files as quickly as necessary to keep your business operational
  • Put your system into hibernation to prevent the spread of ransomware infection
  • Protect your system from future attacks
  • Assist with ransom negotiations when that’s the only option to take

In other words, businesses require reliable services to help them mitigate ransomware attacks in the best way possible.

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Enter Ransomware Recovery Services

A ransomware recovery service is a suite of solutions that help infected businesses identify, analyze, and remove ransomware from their systems.

With ransomware recovery services, experts will help you understand the ransomware variant and attack vector, and recover your system in time. If recovery is impossible, they’ll negotiate with the attacker on your behalf.

Your business leverages professionals who have mastered ransomware negotiation to navigate the entire process.

What a Business Gets From Ransomware Recovery Services When Under Attack

Regardless of its public profile or size, any business that runs digital operations is a potential target of a ransomware attack. When your company is a victim, some ransomware recovery services you can leverage include:

1. Establishing the Extent of Ransomware Infection

To craft a response plan, you need to know the extent of the disruption. You need ransomware experts to execute a rapid assessment to establish the scope of the ransomware attack. As a result, you can address external and internal concerns of:

  • Clients
  • Leadership
  • Customers

Your technicians will help you understand how many computers on your network are infected, temporarily stop network sharing of different drives, and stop file server transfer to establish the extent of ransomware infection.

2. Security Verification of Your Company’s Backup

Your second service your business can get from ransomware recovery services is verification that the malicious actors haven’t also infected your company’s backup system.

If your backup is uninfected and you have a clear copy of your data, you can avoid paying the ransom and restore the data after sealing the security gap that led to the attack.

3. Isolating the Infected Devices

After identifying infected devices, the ransomware recovery team will isolate all the impacted computers off the network while implementing damage control.

The professionals will isolate all users who have reported problems accessing files or have files with weird names and get them off network sharing. During isolation, you can determine the cause of infection, know who the end-user target was, and alert the uninfected users to check for any ransomware file encryption you’ve discovered.

4. Informing Your Customers, Investors, and Employees About the Attack Immediately

After establishing you’re under a ransomware attack, inform your customers and investors immediately for security and liability reasons. While it’s an ethical responsibility, informing your customers and investors earlier relieves you of some liabilities.

In case the attacker steals and misuses data, you’ll reduce your company’s liability for the damage by informing the affected parties about the attack.

5. Involving a Legal Team

To devise the correct response plan for your case, the ransomware recovery team will involve your legal team. If you don’t have a lawyer, the service provider should help you find one with a forensic expert to help you find out the source of the attack and how to prevent the recurrence.

Your legal team will also advise you on how to proceed, approach the investor, and whether to pay the ransom or not.

6. Clean-Up and Restoration Services

After involving everyone in your business and managing the threat, your team will clear up your computers that no longer need to be investigated. You can then restore data from a clean backup.

If you have no backup, you have the formidable task of decrypting your data and system. If you can’t decrypt the data — and don’t have a backup — your legal and IT team should direct you on whether you should pay the ransom or not.

Paying ransom should be your last resort, and you should avoid it as much as possible because:

However, sometimes your company cannot afford the data breach cost. The cost of reaction to the attack and lost revenue and customers can shutter some businesses for good.

In such cases, you need experienced experts to help your business negotiate with attackers to higher the chances of recoverability.

7. Deployment of Preventive Measures

After remediating the attack, your business needs to understand that many companies attacked with ransomware are prone to a subsequent attack within the year.

You need experts to deconstruct the attack vector and deploy new controls and processes to protect your business from another attack. You’ll need services such as:

  • Cybersecurity training to keep your employees aware of all attack vectors, including email phishing, malicious web pages, harmful ads popups, and social engineering
  • 24/7/365 proactive network monitoring to oversee your network traffic and plan action to avoid future attacks
  • Regular data backup to ensure your business can bounce back even in the face of a disruptive ransomware attack
  • Regular system updates to ensure you have the latest security patches for vulnerabilities that attackers can use to enter your system

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