WBFJ and OnPar Technologies: Eight Years and Counting!

Key Points From Article:

  • OnPar has generated a long-standing relationship with WBFJ and the IT administration over the last eight years.
  • Clients take advantage of a variety of services offered by OnPar to stabilize and improve their IT functions.
  • OnPar is continuing its innovative services to maintain client relationships for years.

OnPar has been an invaluable resource for many clients over the last 15 years. Providing high-quality IT Services and IT Support to clients like WBFJ is why they keep moving ahead with new developments in IT services and offer network support to clients as their network support team.

Because of these services, we can establish long-term clients like WBFJ, who we have had the better part of a decade, and more than half of our operating years. As we approach our fifteenth anniversary, see the different types of services we offer and how these various services can boost the operations of a local radio station and turn the last eight years of service into many more.

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What Service Does OnPar Provide?

When you choose OnPar for IT services, you have a variety of options to choose from. While the primary services focus on Microsoft solutions, they offer services in all areas of IT support. The services offered by OnPar come in four main categories.

  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Unified Communications

Managed IT Services

The services found with Managed IT services can be as helpful as remote IT support, where a client can call into troubleshooting issues and computer repair, if necessary. Essentially, for any help that an employee needs that is IT-related, there is an OnPar team member available to assist with those needs. While everything is working, a client may call once or twice a week, or it could be more frequently, especially when large network installation projects are happening.

Cloud Managed Services

Being able to offer Microsoft 365 support for all of the various applications and system is essential for those businesses that use Microsoft in their daily operations. In these services, maintenance and management are happening for the network and the wireless services used by the client. If clients start having notifications about Windows 10, issues with updates, or need to reinstall the system, OnPar can assist. Attempting to manage a cloud without a full IT system can take lots of manual hours that you may not have, especially in a small business.

Managed Security Services

Not only do clients need to help with operating their IT functions, but they also need to keep them secure. With cyber security being a primary concern for all businesses in all industries, it is becoming prevalent for all clients to take advantage of the security services. These provide security for stored business data, customer data, banking information, and other financial records that could damage if stolen. When your security is managed by a team 24/7, you can have peace of mind and do not have to attempt to manage and maintain these services on your own.

Unified Communications

Many OnPar clients are seeing a rise in customers not in the local area. For any business to remain successful and continue a trend of growth, they need to have efficiency in communication. To maintain that quality communication, there is a need for options like Microsoft Teams that allows long-distance connections and a phone system that is designed to handle and maintain these calls.

Who is WBFJ?

Located in Winston-Salem, NC, WBFJ offers its residents contemporary Christian music on the FM channel and hours of preaching and teaching messages on AM radio. A network tied to the local community and offering wholesome radio options for the entire family is at the core of WBFJ.  To keep this mission alive for WBFJ, it is essential to have access to current and upgraded technology. Because the station is listener-supported, the salaried positions within the radio station are limited.

Working With WBFJ Over the Last Eight Years

This is where OnPar comes in and has proven to be the support system that the WBFJ team has depended on over the last eight years. Having access to this type of innovation and a team that can assist with downloads and support and is just a phone call away has made it easier for WBFJ to stay ahead of current trends and make themselves more accessible to their listeners.

Areas like mobile device management, where listeners can access the radio station from their phones, allow WBFJ to access an even broader listener base and gain more support for the radio station. To maintain a large number of listeners and provide them with various communication options so that they can interact with their listeners and provide the support they are looking for from WBFJ and the message they provide.

Because of the 24/7 monitoring and IT remote services available, any time a WBFJ team member has questions, concerns, or needed help with troubleshooting. They could access what they needed promptly. With WBFJ being in the communication industry, it is vital to our relationship with them that we, at the minimum, keep that line open between our two teams so that listeners do not have any interruptions with their services.

Moving Forward

The last eight years have been a significant relationship between OnPar and WBFJ. OnPar strives to have this relationship with every client, so they do not have to worry and stress over their IT needs. Keeping that communication opens between the two teams has been one of the essential reasons our relationship has lasted as long as it has. We look forward to working with the team at WBFJ in Winston-Salem.

If you are interested in hearing more about our services and how we establish these relationships with our clients, contact us at OnPar today. We look forward to consulting with you and providing all of your IT needs.