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Learn about the Secret Weapon in the War Against Cybercrime

What do you think of when you hear Disaster Recovery?

Typically the first thought is bad weather and the damage to devices that can happen, but what about a Cyber Attack? How protected are you from other people? The smallest hole in your disaster recovery plan can lead to loss of proprietary information, hours of downtime and even loss of reputation for your business.ย  When it comes to protecting your information, your businesses information and even your clients, what steps areย  you taking to not become a statistic of Cybercrime?

  • 43% Of All Cyber Attacks Are Aimed At Small and Medium Sized Businesses.
  • 85% of All Email Attachments Are Harmful.
  • 91% Of Attacks Are Launched From A Phishing Attack.
  • Cyber Crime Will Cost $6 Trillon by 2021
  • 24,000 New Malicious Apps are Removed From The App Store Daily
  • Ransomware Is Up 180% From 2018
  • A Business is Hit With Ransomware Every 13.275 Seconds

So what can you do to protect against a Cyber Attack?

Join OnPar Technologies and Datto on April 7th for Breakfast to learn how we can help protect against Cybercrimes.


Seating is limited so make sure to register today!

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