Top Microsoft 365 Benefits for North Carolina Companies

If you need technology to boost your efficiency and productivity, you can trust Microsoft for its solid reputation of bringing solutions packed with:

  • Advanced technology
  • Digital innovation
  • Reliable stability

The purpose of technology is to simplify our lives and there is no greater innovation than to maximize efficiency, saving you time and boosting your productivity.

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How Can Microsoft 365 Help Your North Carolina Business?

Microsoft as a company understands how professionals think, and as a brand understands what professionals need. As evidenced by the full Microsoft product line-up, including workplace staples like Microsoft Word and Excel and now collaboration solutions like SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

Professionals also desire a customized environment that caters to unique and personalized needs, and you want features and functionality without sacrificing reliability. Considering the features and flexibility built into Microsoft 365, professionals depend upon the sophisticated technology upon which the full productivity suite is designed.

How You Will Save Time with Microsoft 365 Benefits

Use the full suite of Microsoft 365 productivity apps from anywhere with an Internet connection to be able to connect and collaborate in real-time with access to files, spreadsheets, and information. Using a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or a mobile app via smartphone, Microsoft 365 users make quick on-the-go progress, with user-friendly features like:

  • Smooth integration: Microsoft 365 seamlessly integrates with productivity apps quickly and easily, including third-party apps like Salesforce.
  • Flexible access: Microsoft 365 users can take advantage of the freedom from geographical ties as Microsoft 365 is available anywhere with an Internet connection, leveraging technology for wireless connectivity.
  • Reliability: Microsoft 365 is stable, convenient, straightforward, and easy to use.
  • Customizable environment: Microsoft 365 program extensions called add-ons give users more control over Microsoft 365 with the ability to add customizations to apps, allowing users to further individualize solutions for optimal personal productivity.

What Add-Ons Should You Try First?

Add-ons are extremely popular benefits for Microsoft 365 users, electrifying the possibilities with countless available options, including:


Users can check multiple schedules and calendars quickly, easily finding shared availability to meet, avoiding repeated back-and-forth emails.


Boomerang takes features from Microsoft Outlook and adds even more functionality, like letting users add reminders to help follow up on unanswered emails, and so much more.

Office Tab 

If you often have several tabs open in browser windows, this will be a familiar concept. Office Tab lets you have multiple files open within the same application window and gives users flexibility like saving all changes for all documents at once, or only to one at a time, and more.

The List of Microsoft 365 Benefits is Endless

Microsoft 365 offers users a multitude of benefits to give users powerful technology with which to power productivity and empower users with turbocharged efficiency. North Carolina businesses will benefit from sophisticated technology features and the solid reputation upon which Microsoft was built.