Don’t make your business more vulnerable to an attack buy using applications that aren’t secure.

Privacy and security are always top of mind for IT, but never more so than at this moment, when your employees are working remotely. Create a secure, easy to use and manage work from home environment with Microsoft Teams.

As of recent Zoom has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Security issues of “Zoom-bombing” where unauthorized users are accessing private meetings, selling users information to other applications, security flaws that allow breeches into users computers. While it is bad for an individual user to suffer from an attack, opening your business up to the potential threat could be devastating especially during this crisis.

How Microsoft Teams Protects You:

Privacy and security controls for video conferences in Teams
Meeting options: With meeting options, you can decide who from outside of your organization can join your meetings directly, and who should wait in the lobby for someone to let them in. PSTN callers will be joining via lobby. Meeting organizers can also remove participants during the meeting.

Roles in a meeting: A meeting organizer can define roles in a Teams meeting that designate “presenters” and “attendees,” and control which meeting participants are allowed to present content in the meeting.
Attendee consent for recording: All recordings of meetings are accompanied by a notice to attendees that a recording is taking place. The notice also links to the privacy notice for online participants, and the meeting organizer controls which attendees have the ability to record.

Meetings recording access: Meeting recording access is limited to those people who are on the call, or invited to the meeting, unless the meeting organizer authorizes others to access the recording. Recordings are uploaded to Microsoft Stream and may be shared and downloaded according to permissions enabled by account administrators.

Channel moderation and controls: Channel owners can moderate a channel conversation and control who is, and is not, allowed to share content in channel conversations. This helps ensure only appropriate content is viewed by others.

Communication compliance: Communication compliance enables organizations to foster a culture of inclusion and safety by identifying and preventing negative behaviors like bullying and harassment.

Safeguarded Privacy

    • Teams never uses your data to serve you ads.
    • Teams does not track participant attention or multitasking in Teams meetings.
    • Your data is deleted after the termination or expiration of your subscription.
    • Microsoft Teams utilizes strong measures to ensure access to your data is restricted and carefully define requirements for responding to government requests for data.
    • You can access your own data at any time and for any reason.
    • Microsoft offers regular transparency reports on the Transparency Hub, detailing their response to third-party requests for data.
    • Microsoft Teams ensures that there are no back doors and no direct or unfettered government access to your data.

Defense Against Cyber Security Threats:

Encryption: Teams data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Microsoft uses industry standard technologies such as TLS and SRTP to encrypt all data in transit between users’ devices and Microsoft datacenters, and between Microsoft datacenters. This includes messages, files, meetings, and other content. Enterprise data is also encrypted at rest in Microsoft datacenters, in a way that allows organizations to decrypt content if needed, to meet their security and compliance obligations, such as eDiscovery.

Data Loss Prevention: Data Loss Prevention prevents sensitive information from accidentally being shared with others.

Sensitivity labels: Sensitivity labels allow you to regulate who can access a team by controlling the privacy and guest settings of the team.

Advanced Threat Protection: Advanced Threat Protection helps protect users from malicious software hidden in files, including files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint.

Cloud App Security: Cloud App Security provides you with tools to identify and mitigate suspicious or malicious activity, including the large-scale deletion of teams or addition of unauthorized users.


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