Is It Time To Switch IT Companies In Raleigh?

We all depend on technology nowadays, right? How would you get through the workday without your computer, printer, email, and all the various applications you rely on? Even a day without the internet is significantly unproductive in this day and age. If your technology isn’t helping you get work done as opposed to hindering you, it’s time for a change. If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re at the very least considering switching IT companies.

Why Do People Switch IT Companies?

If you’re looking for validation that you’re making the right choice, here it is… People switch IT companies for all kinds of reasons. Even if there’s simply a difference in company values, that’s a good enough reason to switch. Why? Because your technology partner plays an integral role in your success, and if you don’t “click,” it’s important to find a technology partner that works well with you.

Here are some of the most common reasons we’ve seen businesses switch IT companies:

  • They’re tired of experiencing the same issues frequently: If you’re experiencing the same issues on a regular basis, it’s because they’re not being fixed properly in the first place or there’s a lack of preventative care happening. A good IT company makes sure that issues are resolved properly the first time around.
  • They’re tired of surprise costs/hidden fees on their bill: If you’re getting hidden fees or surprises added onto your bill each month, it’s time to figure out why. Perhaps what you truly need isn’t covered under your plan, or worse, your IT company is simply nickel and diming you for everything they do.
  • They’re tired of always being “sold” something else: If you’re left feeling like every interaction is a sales call for the latest trend or fad, it’s time to make a change. Sure, some of the latest advancements might be perfect for you, but a lot of the time, they won’t be. You shouldn’t feel like you’re always being “sold” something.
  • They’re tired of experiencing virus infections: If you’re experiencing virus infections on a regular basis, something is very wrong. Your IT company should have enterprise-grade cybersecurity measures in place to prevent this sort of issue from happening.

But again, as mentioned above, ANY reason is a good reason if you’re feeling like things aren’t working out. You deserve to find the right technology partner for you – a technology partner that helps you work more productively.

What Should You Look For When Switching IT Companies?

Now that you’ve made your decision, it’s time to find the right IT company for you. Naturally, we recommend looking for an IT company that shares similar core values with you. This is key to ensuring a long-term relationship. Aside from that, here’s a few “must-haves” to keep in mind during your search:

  • A detailed service level agreement (SLA) that outlines their response times, help desk hours, uptime commitment, and your termination rights.
  • A breadth of services, including cloud solutions, cybersecurity, strategic planning, network design, and more.
  • A future-focused approach wherein they’re not afraid to be innovative and they stay ahead of the latest trends in technology AND your industry.
  • A long-standing reputation with clients who would be willing to share their experiences with you, as well as testimonials and case studies to review.
  • A compelling story in terms of how long they’ve been around, their experience in your industry, their team’s level of expertise, and more.

What Is The Process For Switching IT Companies?

Once you’ve found an IT company that you’re happy with and know you’ll feel confident working alongside, here are a few steps to follow:

  • Get control of your network: If you don’t have control of your network and all equipment, it’s important to get control of it right away. You don’t want to end up “held hostage” if they maintain control of everything and you pull the plug.
  • Ask for copies of all documentation: Make sure you have copies of all of your documentation, including a list of login credentials, software licenses, and any other important information they have on hand. This will make the transition much smoother.
  • Perform an extensive security assessment: You’ll want to know if there are any vulnerabilities and/or backdoors left open before you transition over to another technology partner. This way, they can prioritize what needs to be resolved right away before they do anything else.
  • Give notice to your existing technology partner: Now that you’ve gained access to everything you need and you’re aware of any security vulnerabilities and/or backdoors, it’s time to give notice to your current technology partner and sign the contract with your new technology partner.

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