OnPar Is The Right IT Employer For You

Key points from the article:

  • OnPar has been a leader in outsourcing IT services for the last fifteen years and offers employees the ability to gain unlimited experience in the industry, as well as training that can only benefit their careers.
  • There are several benefits to their employees by OnPar, so they have a good work/life balance. It is essential for OnPar to have employees that have healthy mental, physical and financial health.
  • If you want an environment that is diverse and welcoming, OnPar promotes equality and fairness to its employees.

Many IT professionals seek to find the right fit in an employer. As someone with the appropriate experience and education, you may wonder how OnPar treats its employees and what you can expect if you take on a position with them. For the last fifteen years, OnPar has been one of the industry leaders for their employees, and Scott Stafford, CTO for OnPar Technologies, gives a detailed example. Keep reading to see what services and benefits you can expect with OnPar Technologies.

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What Services Does OnPar Technology Offer?

The team at OnPar provides ample services to their clients, ranging from Microsoft 365 support to managing networks for various clients. A complete list of the different service areas includes the following:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Unified Communications

Managed IT Services

Expand your experience with managed IT services where you can handle IT issues that small businesses need assistance with because they do not have their own IT team established. In this group, you can be a remote IT professional to handle any questions and issues, and monitor the network 24/7 for clients.

Cloud Services

When it comes to cloud management, you can work with Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 support. Fluent and experienced people find these niche services attractive when working with OnPar. Skills for Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Azure are required, as well as to fully manage the cloud services.

Managed Security Services

Computer and network security are essential for our clients. Providing dark web protection, identity management, and preventing hacking to the network is central to the security features offered. We provide top-tier service to our clients in terms of security so they can have peace of mind and focus on their tasks to make their businesses successful.

Moving Towards The Future

Looking towards the future, OnPar Technologies is always adjusting to changes in the industry. Staying ahead in this industry and keeping up with changes, we understand that the following needs will be a part of IT services in the future and are focused on building skills in these areas.

  • Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Microsoft Support


Being more automated and providing these options to our clients is critical for efficiency and accuracy. Providing services that work in the background through software is something that many clients seek out with OnPar, and essential for small and medium clients to continue their growth over time. Managing these processes regularly while managing clients makes it difficult to move forward. It also encourages significant cost savings so they can redirect their talent on payroll to more essential duties.

Artificial Intelligence

Like automation, there is a move in IT to embrace artificial intelligence. At OnPar, we understand the significance of AI and where it is heading in the future in IT. Much of the software and programs that have been developed have adopted AI and will continue to utilize it in future updates, which OnPar is ready to pursue.

Microsoft Support

With Microsoft being the leader for operations with our clients, OnPar will move forward as a company pursuing Microsoft Support. We strive to remain leaders for Microsoft Support and will continue to make it a priority in training and certifications among our team members so that we can provide the best service to our clients.

Benefits of Working at OnPar

OnPar offers a variety of benefits to their employees as well, and these reasons may be some that appeal to you.

  • Flexibility and Remote Work
  • Communication and Transparency
  • Diversity and Teamwork
  • Salary Competition
  • Professional Development

Flexibility and Remote Work

As times change, the need to be flexible with home and work life is essential for employees. At OnPar, we allow employees to make their own schedules most of the time as long as the work is completed by the required deadline. All team members work remotely, and you are not required to be in your home office for work. You have the flexibility to work while traveling if you need.

Communication and Transparency

Because the leadership of OnPar believes in communication, you can expect a steady stream of communication between your team and be notified as changes are made. Being transparent is something that OnPar believes is essential to a healthy working relationship and maintaining your best health.

Diversity and Teamwork

At OnPar, we strive to assist our team in the best way possible. To offer a well-rounded team, we embrace the diversity of team members with different backgrounds and experiences so that our clients have the best team possible to serve their IT needs. You can find team members with different backgrounds, belief systems, and even range in their experience to promote growth and innovation.

Salary Competition

We understand that your financial health is essential, and we want to retain the best IT talent. This is why OnPar offers competitive salaries for our team members and then maintains that competition with updates to your competition, bonuses, and profit-sharing options available to everyone.

Professional Development

While you are employed with OnPar, we want you to continue growing in your IT career and keep up with the changes in the industry. Professional development is available and you are encouraged to maintain certifications, get access to new ones and improve your current knowledge at all times.

Are You Interested In Working For OnPar?

If you are an IT professional and want more information on working with OnPar Technologies, contact us today. We look forward to meeting you soon!