OnPar Technologies Brings Innovation to Burch Oil

Key Points:

  • For over 15 years, OnPar Technologies has provided quality IT services to its customers in all industries, including Burch Oil, in recent years. Moving smaller businesses into a growth position is critical to the OnPar mission and what they represent.
  • Burch Oil needed to increase its technological innovation in its system to continue providing excellent customer service and remain a competitor when larger companies were coming into the area.
  • Burch Oil was able to enhance their communication and service times for their customers’ thanks to the IT support provided by OnPar around the clock.

Accessing a variety of clients and maintaining that relationship is a specialty of OnPar Technologies. For 15 years, we have strived to offer our clients the leading IT services by keeping up with the latest trends and innovating in ways other companies were unable to do. Offering the vast services of IT for smaller businesses like Burch Oil and giving them the ability to grow and improve customer satisfaction is what we strive for daily. We are proud to be partnered with Burch Oil and look forward to many more years supplying them with all their IT needs.

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Who is Burch Oil?

Opening in 1928, the Burch Oil company has been supplying heating and oil services to the communities of Southern Maryland for nearly a century. When S. Bernard Burch established Burch Oil, the goal was to be the service provider that the customers needed and could rely on, even in desperate situations. This has remained true for Burch Oil. As time passed and technology improved, the IT staff at Burch Oil knew it was time to move forward with a full-service system to provide the service their customers needed and remain a staple in the community.

Establishing a Partnership With OnPar

When Burch Oil decided to take the next step and outsource its IT needs, the IT Manager, Paul Scheller, decided on OnPar Technologies because of its services and 24/7 network monitoring. Burch Oil needed a company that had the same vision for its operations as Burch Oil does.

Benefits OnPar Brought To Burch Oil

When Burch Oil sought assistance for IT services, they were looking to broaden their existing system and boost communications with clients, among other services. Below are the benefits Burch Oil has experienced since partnering with Onpar Technologies.

  • Back up to existing IT department.
  • Enhance delivery and service calls.
  • Maintain a working network and security.
  • Staying ahead of system updates.

Back Up To Existing IT Department

While Burch Oil has an IT team, it is not large enough to manage the various tasks it needs to grow and maintain operations around the clock. While they can handle many of the tasks, OnPar can cover the services after hours and oversee any updates to the network that could be coming down. This also reduces labor costs within Burch Oil by outsourcing these services instead of generating additional salaries. This money can be redirected to other areas of Burch Oil in need.

Enhance Delivery and Service Calls

Because Burch Oil has to make house calls, they need an efficient way for customers to request service and ensure they get to every one promptly. With enhanced communication services and maintaining proper software updates, Burch Oil has the tools around the clock to receive service calls and communicate with their customers.

Maintain a Working Network and Security

Because the services they provide are essential, the network needs always to be accessible and functioning properly. There is also lots of secure customer information stored on these networks and clouds for Burch Oil. The team at OnPar monitors and protects this data around the clock with leading security initiatives and protocols so that there is peace of mind for Burch Oil and its customers.

Staying Ahead of System Updates

Regarding networks, systems, and even software, system updates are critical, and if they are not maintained, they can cause a system to fail. With a team like OnPar Technologies, being aware of updates, scheduling them during slow network times, and ensuring they are processed correctly is essential. This is especially important for businesses that utilize Microsoft 365 and other major systems.

Other Services OnPar Offers Clients Monthly

While these benefits are some of what Burch Oil utilizes each month, the services that OnPar Technologies extends into more detailed areas and specialized services. Many of our clients utilize the following services regularly:

  • Remote IT help desk
  • Dark Web Protection
  • Hosted PBX Phone System

Remote IT Help Desk

Reaching out to an IT team at any time regarding your services is critical for many businesses. Even if you have an in-house IT team, there are times when they need to have remote help available to reference any new issues that may have arisen since updates or changes were made.

Dark Web Protection

One of the small businesses’ most significant security concerns is protection from the dark web. When these attacks happen, client information is stolen, sold, and then liability is generated with that company and the clients affected. With dark web protection, these attacks can be prevented, and your system is secure to prevent dark web activity.

Hosted PBX Phone System

Because many partners with OnPar have clients across state lines, they need a way to communicate efficiently with them so that costs are reduced, and lines are clear. With a Hosted PBX Phone system, you can efficiently manage your calls and contact your clientele as you need.

Contact Us Today For More Information

If you are interested in supplementing your IT department and establishing a partnership with OnPar, contact us today and let us know how we can help you. We are happy to assess your needs to see how we can improve your overall operations to the maximum potential.