As more and more industries are looking to digital transformation to stay active and afloat in today’s economy, there are some platforms that will make this process easier than others. Shifting to a cloud service can be a helpful strategy for making sure your employees are staying connected wherever they are, but effective workplace communication requires more than just data storage. Microsoft Teams makes it easy for employees to collaborate and stay organized on the go, and this can help your business stay a step ahead in North Carolina.

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Obstacles with Digital Transformation

Full digital transformation of an office space is something that many companies would never have considered prior to 2020, but in this day and age, it is something that just about everyone across all industries now understands the merits of first hand. Being able to turn to cloud software that will allow employees to collaborate on projects is absolutely essential. Without tools like Microsoft Teams, which can make that happen, employees who are forced to work in separate places are unlikely to be able to stay in touch and on the same page with projects, and this could have a huge impact on your business productivity and bottom line.

The reality is that even as businesses make the choice to bring employees into the traditional office space, there is a severe benefit of being able to make the office more of a hybrid center than a mandatory workplace. Being able to use technology to work across town or across the globe from partners means opening the door to a lot of new opportunities.

If your business isn’t prepared to work with these sorts of digital platforms, then you are inherently limiting your corporate options, making global growth more challenging and unlikely, and making your employees more susceptible to hitting roadblocks that could prevent your business from meeting important deadlines.

Microsoft Teams & Digital Transformation

Microsoft Teams is a unique tool that can provide your company with a virtual office place. The idea behind Microsoft Teams is that employees can easily collaborate and stay organized with tasks and ongoing projects while maintaining simple communication across your corporate structure. Leaders in your company can easily take a leadership role by organizing permissions and channels that can permit employees to easily communicate and stay up to date on everything happening at the office—even if they physically aren’t there.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits of working with Microsoft Teams:

  • Microsoft Teams makes it simple to maintain meetings and schedule conferences, regardless of where you are. Teams has a built-in chat feature that makes it incredibly simple to communicate across the office. You can schedule a video conference with co-workers or shoot a co-worker a short message on the chat feature so that you can maintain easy communication. As soon as a meeting is scheduled it will pop-up in your calendar, which will update across Microsoft platforms, including Outlook, so that you don’t miss a meeting.
  • Microsoft Teams makes it easy to organize files. Teams can be easily organized to be split in to as many factions as needed, and files can be simply uploaded directly to the platform to ensure that they are visible and available to everyone who needs access to them. There is no need to visit a separate location to access these files either, giving you a simple connection to Microsoft OneDrive’s cloud.
  • Microsoft Teams makes it simple to organize and delegate tasks. While it is possible to have the entire office on one singular team for big updates and meetings, each department can have a separate team that they can work within to help maximize productivity and organization. Within a department, channels can be made to help streamline communication and collaboration even more.
  • Microsoft Teams makes it easy to create collaboration across businesses without inviting outsiders into your secure network. This is an incredibly valuable tool for those who are looking to collaborate with people outside of your company. A team can be easily created for a singular project and people from inside your network and from without can be added to help manage communication and the sharing of information without providing secure access to people who haven’t been internally vetted by your company, or who won’t need that access long-term. This is a valuable resource for collaborative projects that allows you to protect your corporate and client data.
  • Microsoft Teams has customizable apps that can help you specialize your team to your needs. There is a wide array of different applications that can be easily incorporated into your team to help customize your business experience within Teams, and this can help to make the sharing and development of materials even easier for your employees.

Microsoft Teams is a great resource that can help your employees and clients to communicate with you on projects with extreme efficiency and simplification. While traditional phone-calls and emails may still work for basic business communications, the world has shifted to expect more, and Teams makes it possible to accommodate those expectations while actually making it easier on your company to maintain those standards through the incredible ease of use that the platform offers.

OnPar Technologies: Microsoft Teams Experts In North Carolina

To shift your business platform onto teams, contact an IT professional who can help you to get started with using the Microsoft Cloud platforms. This transition can be simple and seamless, especially when managed by an expert from within the IT field. Microsoft Teams Consultants in North Carolina can help your business to begin experiencing the benefits of these programs so that you can continue focusing on what it takes to make your business grow in the digital age.