Who Provides Microsoft 365 Migrations In North Carolina?

Microsoft 365 migrations have become the base for a productive digital workplace in today’s world. In point of fact, Skyhigh Cloud Access Security Broker analyzed over 27 million Microsoft 365 users working for over 600 companies.

It offers a robust set of tools like productivity, collaboration, and data analytics, just to name a few. In addition, businesses can now enjoy flexibility, mobile access, and online documents from the migration.

Nonetheless, organizations still consider such cloud solutions as vast business risks. According to Gartner’s latest emerging risks report, at least 110 senior IT executives identified cloud computing as a top concern. Mind you, this was the second consecutive quarter to get similar results. From security to data loss, to the costs enquired, migration comes with a number of prevalent red flags.

So how then can an organization enjoy the benefits from Microsoft 365 migrations and still manage a secure and effective process? Is it even achievable?

Yes. In this guide, we will provide some solutions organizations must consider ensuring an effective migration. We will also deliberate further on how we can help ensure a seamless process as a managed IT services company.

Microsoft 365 Migrations In North Carolina

What Are The Solutions?

While there are very many pain points in cloud computing, below are a few solutions organizations can use to minimize the risks.

  • Encryption: Suppose your existing data on your local server is not encrypted? How to handle such issues remains one of the biggest concerns while migrating. Their migration to cloud solutions will definitely require an additional layer of security. Unless you want to take the chances, this is paramount. Luckily, solutions that will guarantee any data moved from on-premise technology to Microsoft 365 is fully encrypted exist. With just the user’s private key, all emails can be encrypted upon migration to ensure your mailboxes are exceptionally secure.
  • No Data loss: During migration, the process might reveal inconsistencies that pose a risk of data loss. Regardless of the type of migration process you choose, such discrepancies can occur, and therefore, you must be prepared to handle them with expertise. Usually, the migration will track and report any possibility of data loss by generating a data consistency score. Depending on the grade(perfect, good, investigate, poor), the score will determine whether the migration was fruitful or if intervention is needed.
  • Stay in budget: It is easy to misjudge the intricacy Microsoft 365 migrations. In addition, several factors could potentially affect your bill. For instance, the more mailboxes you have, the lower cost per mailbox you are likely to pay. Although every migration will depend on the service provider, it will be essential to ensure you can stay in budget by all means. Take enough to consider the available options to ensure you do not compromise on quality.

How Can OnPar Technologies Help?

Companies must take the time to lay the proper groundwork for a secure Microsoft 365 migration adoption. You have to make sure to set a compliant foundation that will guarantee a stable platform with extensive compliance.

This is where we come in. Below are a few pointers on exactly how to make use of our expertise during your migration.

  • Pre-migration activities: Before starting the migration process, it is vital to conduct a detailed assessment of all your systems, tools, and information architecture. You will want to detect any flaws or gaps and fix them before deploying the migration process. Besides, you will be able to eliminate unneeded content, analyze lists, remove outdated items, and organize them accordingly. In most cases, employees are encouraged to participate, so they are educated on how better they can classify their data.
  • Integration: Once migration is complete, you may want to consider integrating your deployment with other cloud applications. Something our qualified managed IT services company can come in and provide. This way, you will be able to allow a well-organized and secure collaboration among your CRM users, BI, project management, and ERP. What’s more, your company achieves centralized content management and consequently gains better control over cross-system company processes.
  • Post-migration training and support: By all means, no organization should compromise on training after the migration is complete. Employees must be well educated on the Microsoft 365 features or tools that will be useful within the business workflow. They will also need to fully understand the security and compliance risks so they can use the platform securely and enthusiastically. Who better to train them on all these elements other than the experts? We are highly skilled in the process and can also offer support to your IT specialists and end-users. This way, they will ensure the viability of the migrated solution and extend its functionality. Therefore, whether you choose to do it before the migration process or after, training and support are vital.
  • Cloud license and account management: Finally, your business will require a cloud service provider who can provide a cloud license with a price advantage. In addition, you may need aid in managing the permits and accounts. We can help you configure your account settings, alarms, and notifications to add or remove licenses, including changing a subscription plan when necessary. We are also a certified company, so you can rest well and enjoy your new platform with nothing to worry about.

Microsoft 365 Migrations Supported By OnPar Technologies

Microsoft 365 has witnessed a phenomenal development and is now among the widely used company cloud service. In fact, it is estimated that cloud computing will be an over $300 billion business by 2021.

This only goes to show how organizations are quickly opting for Microsoft 365 migrations for its tremendous benefits.

Although there can be severe risks likely to occur within and after the migration process, the move is inevitable in today’s world. Luckily enough, there are a variety of solutions organizations can use to ensure an active operation.

In addition, you can always get aid from our managed IT services company. We are ready and here to aid. You just have to schedule an initial consultation with a service engineer for any enquires or concerns.

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