Migrating to Microsoft 365 allows your business to leverage best in class productivity tools. By making the move, you are sure to streamline your communications and supercharge collaborations between remote teams. It comes as no surprise that many small and large businesses are maximizing productivity thanks to MS 365.

In turn, companies are implementing digital transformation, igniting innovation, and boosting growth. Employees gain access to powerful business tools that reshape the way they work.

Data presented using the Microsoft Graph showcases trillions of signals relating to productivity trends around the world. The signals highlight interactions involving searches, meetings, the creation of posts, and emails.

When planning to implement Microsoft 365 in your firm, you need to assess a variety of migrating options. One of the best ways to handle the migration process is to enlist the help of Microsoft 365 consultants like OnPar Technologies. Doing so eliminates the risk associated with making costly mistakes when transitioning as an in-house project.

Microsoft 365 Consultants In North Carolina

Leverage the benefits of Microsoft 365

With MS 365, you can take advantage of cloud-based solutions to mitigate risks and challenges for local enterprise information technology teams. The advantages also extend to savings in costs as you eliminate the need to manage in-house infrastructure. Your entire team accesses email and storage solutions by connecting to Microsoft 365.

Additionally, your organization enjoys instant access to a wide variety of apps, including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Working with an established MS 365 consultant enables you to plan and implement your migration more cost-effectively. In turn, your team focuses on preparing for the move.

Consultants also provide training for your staff. For its part, Microsoft ensures that its cloud-based platform maintains high service uptime. Additionally, the tech giant provides adequate support to clients.

Enhanced scalability

With 365, your organization can scale cloud usage and subscription status more conveniently. The scalability allows you to align usage with your company’s growth. In turn, it becomes possible to enhance collaboration and communication without investing in additional servers or networking infrastructure. New team members can leverage cloud-based tools to maximize productivity.

Information technology teams can accommodate new employees by adjusting Microsoft 365 subscription plans. The entire team enjoys access to premium tools and applications. OneDrive is one of the best file storage and sharing tools available on the market.

Tools offered by the MS 365 suite support different types of devices, including iPhone, Windows computers, Android, and Mac devices. Your staff members can leverage the flexibility by working from any location using mobile or desktop devices.

Microsoft 365 offers superior data protection and backup services to ensure worry-free collaboration. Microsoft licensing expert Wes Miller recently lauded the introduction of Microsoft Threat Protection capabilities. The announcement reinforces the tech giant’s commitment to making MS 365 secure for all clients. The platform allows IT managers to retain control of your team’s activities. Tech professionals can monitor usage and assign access privileges.

On the other hand, Microsoft offers a wide array of features designed to simplify data migration from legacy environments. You can opt to work with Microsoft 365 consultants to ensure smooth migration for all your users. Service providers like OnPar Technologies are Microsoft Gold Certified vendors with many years of experience helping clients transfer data.

Reasons for hiring Microsoft 365 consultants

Working with a certified Microsoft 365 partner is a surefire way to receive the best support during and after migration. Consultants come with many years of experience dealing with a wide variety of challenges associated with the move to MS 365. They can leverage the power of advanced technological solutions to solve any issues your team may experience.

You can count on the consultants to demonstrate an understanding of your needs based on specific business processes. Additionally, Microsoft partners can help your business make the right decision when planning to upgrade or invest in new technology solutions to meet your operational requirements.

Experienced MS 365 consultants evaluate your needs before recommending the right solutions. By adopting the solutions, you enhance productivity and boost your operational efficiency. The benefits of consulting with the experts also include the ability to align your investment with your organization’s strategic objectives.


Transforming the way you work is simpler with the support of an MS partner. The professionals act as trusted advisers to help you bolster communications without compromising on security and flexibility. You can rely on consultants like OnPar Technologies to sustain a long-term relationship based on trust and professionalism.

Internal IT teams can take advantage of the expertise of Microsoft partners to discover viable solutions for specific implementation problems. In the end, it becomes easier to make the right decisions that help boost your organization’s growth. Furthermore, enlisting the services of an established partner allows your firm to gain a competitive advantage.

Microsoft 365 consultants at OnPar Technologies work tirelessly to help you maximize productivity. They have an in-depth understanding of tools and applications that form part of the MS 365 suite. You can count on the experts’ knowledge of the complexities and components of the suite. The knowledge extends to how your company can maximize the benefits of the available tools.

Microsoft 365 consulting services by OnPar Technologies

OnPar Technologies focuses on delivering tangible value by supporting complex technological solutions like Microsoft 365. The vendor operates as a full-service MS partner capable of handling a wide array of related tasks, including migration from legacy environments. Its team of experts can assist small and large businesses by simplifying complex technology.

The service provider enhances the onboarding process of new remote team members by supplying vital equipment. Your new employees can bank on the shipment to collaborate with other members without delay. The equipment is ready for connecting to Microsoft 365 as it comes fully secured and provisioned. Relevant applications load the IT equipment automatically.

The service ensures convenience without undermining data protection. It is no wonder that OnPar Technologies, which serves clients in the Raleigh region is an award-winning Microsoft partner. The vendor received accolades after being named as the US SMB East Region Partner for its outstanding quality of service in 2017. As a leading partner, experts at the firm stay up to date with technology advancements introduced by Microsoft.

IT managers can rely on OnPar Technologies to provide superior expertise on Microsoft 365 suite of products, including Drive, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word. The vendor serves partners in various parts of the United States and globally. Clients benefit from full lifecycle solutions encompassing planning, deployment, and support.