Why Should My Company Get An IT Assessment?

When you first make an effort as a corporation to go digital, much thought goes into what aspects of the digital world your office will need to utilize, including what technological upgrades will be necessary and what services are an absolute must after you’ve been up and running, the discussions about what technical upgrades your company needs will take a back seat to discussions about client services and staffing requirements. Keeping up with your business’s tech needs is essential when running a business, but the reality is that this likely isn’t your specialty. While you are focused on making the best choices for your company, you need to have a team of people working alongside your business to make sure that you are utilizing the best tools available so that your company can run effectively and efficiently.

This is where OnPar Technologies in Raleigh-Durham can help. Working with a stable IT support company to complete annual IT assessments can ensure that you are utilizing the technology that you have to max efficiency and that you are aware of the necessary software and hardware upgrades that will help you to be more confident that your business is safe, secure, and in good hands.

Get An IT Assessment

What Is An IT Assessment?

An IT assessment is an IT audit that companies should undergo at least once per year, if not more often, to ensure that your IT needs are being met and that your company is safe from any digital threats. Many IT support companies offer complimentary IT assessments to corporations to help identify areas of need and generate a customized plan for IT services that could help your corporation grow while helping you to save money on your digital expenditure.

If you are not working with an IT company currently, or you are wondering if your IT support team is thoroughly assessing your needs, then hiring an IT support group to complete an IT assessment could be incredibly beneficial for you. An IT assessment is going to highlight tech needs that are unique to your company, which means that the suggestions that the IT company will make will be specific to your needs, and may help to highlight ways that you can reach more clients, improve data security, and make your workplace more efficient.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of an IT assessment:

  • An IT assessment will analyze your data security risks and make recommendations that can save you significant funds in the event of an attack. One of the most significant financial risks that your company can take in the digital age is not investing in suitable digital security resources. Cyber attacks are getting more and more advanced as time goes on, and there are countless ways that hackers can reach your corporate data. One of the easiest ways that an attack can reach your business is to let your cybersecurity software to fall out of date, or not to encourage basic cyber-security practices with your employees. Most attackers are after information, and that means once they get what they want, the damage is done—there isn’t a lot you can do to put that information back under wraps once it is out there. If you aren’t secure, an attack could mean a great deal of damage to your company’s reputation, not to mention the cost of getting your equipment back up and running after having such a severe security breach.
  • An IT assessment can alert you to significant problems that could cause issues with your workplace efficiency, like outdated software and hardware. An IT expert can evaluate what your company is working with and identify exactly what you need to replace. They may find issues with end-of-life systems, updates that are necessary due to configuration issues, and storage capacity concerns that may be slowing down your system. Targeted updates could help you get the most significant return on your technology investment, thereby helping to save you money.
  • An IT assessment can help you to address any compliance or regulatory issues. As you focus on running your business, others focus on the way that companies are being run and time to time the laws will change—especially regarding how personal data can be stored and shared on the computer. HIPAA laws and PCI are just a few examples of compliance laws that need to be followed, or you could find your business facing significant fines and even potential lawsuits. An IT expert can identify any potential issues with compliance laws that you may be inadvertently breaking and help you to make quick adjustments to protect your employees, your clients, and your business’s bottom line.

How OnPar Technologies Can Support Your Organization

Partnering with a stable IT company is essential in this digital age. The longer you go without evaluating your corporate technology needs, the more danger your company may be in for data breaches, security risks, and other concerns. A simple IT assessment can determine how new and advanced tools, whether that is cloud platforms or software upgrades, can help your business to function more effectively and efficiently without requiring you to break your IT budget.

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