Why You Should Use Exclaimer for Your Professional Email Signatures

Business runs on email. Despite the increasing popularity of messengers, chat apps, and social media, email has remained central to digital communication and continues to grow in uptake. By 2025, the number of global email users is expected to reach a total of 4.6 billion.

Every single day, countless emails are sent directly to valuable business contacts: customers, prospects, vendors, partners, investors – the list goes on. If you want to create an impression and cut through the clutter, you need to stand out. Professional email signatures offer a clean and non-disruptive way to break through the inbox clutter to promote your brand. Professional email signatures are a powerful way to convey professionalism and increase brand recognition.

Exclaimer is the perfect solution for managing professional email signatures in Microsoft 365, on-premise Microsoft Exchange, and Google Workspace. It allows you to create and control multiple organizational signatures from a centralized location, ensuring consistent, branded signatures for every user in your organization on every email. Whether users send an email from their iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC, Exclaimer guarantees a professional email signature every time.

What is an Email Signature?

An email signature is a block of text that automatically appears at the end of an email message. It provides recipients with your contact details, such as your name, job title, phone number, and email address. They are like digital business cards. You can add information such as the URL of your company’s website and social media icons or share a link to your products/services or campaigns that you may be currently running.

What’s in an Email Signature?

An email signature is the final piece of your email content. It should have all your contact information as well as your business logo. Professional email signatures generally include the following elements:

  • Your full name, including your surname
  • The name of the company you work for
  • Your job title
  • Your other contact information, like an email address and a phone number
  • A link to your company’s website
  • Social media profiles (as applicable)
  • A disclaimer, such as a privacy policy

Benefits of Professional Email Signatures

Here are the benefits of using professional email signatures to maximize your company email:

1.   Save Time for Your IT Team

In most organizations, IT goes to each PC in the office and copy/paste the email signature into a user’s Outlook manually. Even with only 20 staff members, this represents a pretty big labor cost for your IT. With Exclaimer, IT teams can manage email signature updates quickly and easily, all from one location, or even give your marketing team control over the intuitive signature maker.

Your IT team doesn’t have to work hard building some signature template or set up some complex workarounds within your infrastructure. They control the information system aspects of email signatures, such as defining the rules used to group employees into different departments or using Active Directory to auto-complete contact information.

2.   Drive additional engagement

The attributes of your email signature design make for an attractive marketing communications channel. When used correctly and as part of your overall marketing strategy, email signatures can be turned into powerful opportunities to provide additional benefits for your business.

Exclaimer allows the marketing team to use email signatures in a much more targeted fashion, using them as part of an integrated campaign. Exclaimer makes it easier to segment the email signature channel more effectively, potentially even allowing specific templates to be assigned to different teams and promote separate messages across different departments.

To drive engagement, you can add promotional banners for events, company news, or new content to your email signatures. You can also be confident that email branding will be consistent across every email, every time.

3.   Present a Consistent Brand Identity

The email signature establishes your reputation for professionalism. It sets the tone and ensures that recipients know what your brand is about. It’s important that a company’s brand remains consistent on all emails that are sent. This is especially true in today’s hybrid working environment. Every employee is a walking advertisement for your organization, which means consistent signatures must always be applied to all emails sent from any device.

By using a professional signature template that fully incorporates brand guidelines, provides valuable content, and contains correct contact details, your company can expect to make a positive impression on its email recipients. You can also ensure 100% compliance with email disclaimer laws throughout the world. Ensure compliance with email regulations by adding dynamic email disclaimers to every email.

4.   Get Consistent Email Signatures 

Have you thought about errors in your corporate email signature? When your staff set up their own signature templates, there are higher chances of mistakes such as spelling errors or broken links being present in your email signatures. Even IT isn’t above a few errors – after all, they’re only human. If you had to copy/paste every single email signature template and personalize them manually, you might make a few mistakes too.

Exclaimer not only automates transcription, so you won’t get a stray keystroke, bringing down your business, but also allows for signature template previews of how it will be displayed and who will get it. With a preview function built into Exclaimer, you can ensure that every job title and name fits so you can get consistent email signatures across the board.

You can even check which departments have been assigned which versions of the email signature and check which one individual staff member falls under. You can also create a separate signature for internal and external recipients. If you care about your corporate brand, employees should have no control over the design, be unable to modify the template, or ignore using a professional email signature altogether. Every email must always be consistent.

OnPar Technologies: Your Exclaimer Partner

If you’re looking for an easy way to design and manage professional email signatures across your whole organization, Exclaimer might be the best option for you. It’s easy to deploy, integrates with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Exchange, and delivers full, dynamic, and professional email signatures from any device – including mobiles and Macs. As an Exclaimer partner, OnPar Technologies can help set up Exclaimer for your organization so you can better manage your company’s professional email signatures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!