Construction Company Enlists OnPar for Specialized IT Services

Construction companies are joining the long list of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) clamoring to outsource their construction IT services. The trend saw one construction firm reach out to OnPar Technologies, a reliable and efficient managed service provider offering IT services all over the US. Thanks to OnPar’s friendly and responsive customer support representative, the service provider was quick to convert the construction compact from a random visitor to an important lead, which later became a customer. The construction company soon discovered it was dealing with the right service provider with OnPar.

IT Services Provided by OnPar

OnPar provides a wide range of IT services to SMBs across the US. Regardless of your industry, or business size, this managed service provider can meet all your technology needs. The company receives and converts as many leads as possible by putting in place a highly responsive Client Service Representative team.

Here are some major services offered by OnPar:

  • Remote IT services: OnPar doesn’t need to come to your business premises to execute its managed IT services. It observes your systems remotely and can identify potential issues and fix them. Working remotely also means that no time is wasted before they can attend to an emerging issue.
  • Microsoft 365 services and support: OnPar works closely with Microsoft to avail hosted services, such as Microsoft 365, to its clients. As Microsoft’s trusted partner, you can never go wrong with this provider. It ensures these services are available and have the necessary resources to avail such IT services.
  • Support for applications used in the construction industryOnPar provides support for a wide range of apps used in the construction industry, ensuring efficient processes. These apps include Bentley BIM, Autodesk, Cadtech, and CMiC, among many others. OnPar has become a home for construction firms.
  • Data protection: This managed service provider uses the latest technologies such as cloud computing, premium firewalls, and multi-factor authentication, to secure your data against cyber threats. The provider has the systems and resources in place for reliable cybersecurity measures.
  • Network securityOnPar can also secure your network against possible infringement from unauthorized parties. Hackers often breach the network before attacking your systems and stealing your valuable information.

Architect working for a construction company working on his laptop at his desk.

How Onpar Helps Construction Companies Across the US

OnPar has created a reputation for itself as the go-to managed service provider for construction companies across the US. The service provider has come a long way to provide excellent and affordable IT services for all its clients. Here is how it helps construction firms in the US:

  • Has friendly and responsive customer support: This is one of the biggest selling points of OnPar, receiving each inquiry with respect, dedication, and a friendly attitude. The visitor feels a sense of belonging and gives all the information needed. This is especially true for personal data that helps OnPar to make follow up later.
  • Available round-the-clock: This managed service provider monitors your systems 24/7, ensuring that nothing happens that could be prevented in the first place. The support team is also available at any time of day or night, so you can sleep peacefully with the knowledge that OnPar has your back.
  • Uses the latest technologies: These technologies include cloud computing and the use of hosted services for both document processing and email. The construction company needed to switch from an ineffective service to Microsoft 365, which is more reliable and efficient. Many construction firms are reaching out to OnPar to tap into the latest technology in computing.
  • Avails the latest IT infrastructure: OnPar has the resources needed to assembly the latest IT infrastructure to help them provide high-quality and reliable services to all its clients. Indeed, these facilities include well-secured servers, backed up in the cloud, and a strong stable network.
  • Provides affordable construction IT services: You only pay for the services and nothing else. You can move to a higher tier if your IT needs grow. Alternatively, downgrade to a lower subscription if you reduce the number of your users.

What Makes a Good Managed Service Provider?

Managed IT service providers are popping up everywhere, and each claims to be the best. You could be at a loss if you don’t know what to look for when choosing the right provider.

Here are some of the factors to help you tell a good service provider for a construction company:

  • Financial stability: You need a service provider that would last as long as your business. You want a company that will grow with your business, and one struggling financially wouldn’t fit this bill. There’s no harm in asking for the financial records before deciding to work with a particular service provider.
  • Testimonials from current and past clients: Find out what past clients are saying about the quality of services given by the provider in question. Are they satisfied? Do they have some misgivings? Also, be sure to check any current projects to see for yourself how they are progressing.
  • Level of technology: If the provider isn’t already employing the latest technologies, such as data backups on the cloud, you can be sure they won’t meet growing IT needs efficiently. Such a company may not even be a good match for your business.
  • Staff: If the provider is too cheap, don’t rush to engage them hoping to cut costs. It may be an indication that they have employed half-baked technicians who can work at any pay. You need to balance between the quality of the service and the cost.

Learn How We Can Help Your Construction Company

Your construction firm needs to partner with a reliable managed construction IT services provider to grow to the next level and gain more customers. If you are looking for such a provider, consider OnPar Technologies. We provide IT services to firms all over the US. Contact us if you need more information.