CapAcuity and OnPar: Maintaining Security For Four Years and Counting

Key Points:

  • Describe another successful client of OnPar’s, CapAcuity, that regularly provides financial consulting and other services for their clients and requires efficient technology around the clock.
  • For CapAcuity to maintain and grow its clientele, the required services mean that the most efficient technology is available. A team can assist and support that system any time an issue develops.
  • Outside of the services mentioned by CapAcuity, there are additional services that OnPar offers that benefit any business. They are a full-service IT team working remotely to maintain efficiency, speed, and communication for their clients.

Who is CapAcuity?

A consulting and asset management company, being able to maintain and evaluate different plans for financial performance for clients is at the top of CapAcuity’s goals. Recommendations are made for their clients based on all information provided and the goals that they have in place for the future. The CapAcuity team manages these plans regularly and notifies them of any changes that can benefit or improve their portfolio.

To maintain a steady stream of management with the best technology, CapAcuity needed an IT support team to manage all of their needs and help them boost their clients and improve their services. Accuracy and efficiency are at the core of CapAcuity’s success, as they need to gather data and supply this information to their clients for the best financial decisions.

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Creating That Relationship With OnPar

Over four years ago, as CapAcuity continued to grow, they sought out the services of an all-in-one IT support team that they could depend on and contact at any point for their services. Being the Microsoft US SMB East Region Partner of 2017, OnPar jumped to the top of the list. After collaborating and having a few meetings, a partnership was established between CapAcuity and OnPar Technology.

How Has OnPar Benefitted CapAcuity?

While the award OnPar won caught the attention of CapAcuity, the services that OnPar has delivered over the last four years have been more than enough to hold that relationship together. CapAcuity has peace of mind with their IT support, knowing that we will help and assist them in every way.

Strong Security

CapAcuity must maintain the steady security of data and information through its networks. Working directly with financials, clients will put their trust and advisement in companies with a quality security system. By partnering with OnPar, they have been able to avoid any security issues, keeping them in compliance with their clients and avoiding any unnecessary costs for repairs. A breach in security for a company like CapAcuity could be detrimental, requiring them to pay thousands for recovery in a severe incident and damage their reputation.

Managing Network

OnPar manages everything in the infrastructure at CapAcuity. This includes the network, mobile devices, VPNs, software installation, and communication management. Accessing the network securely is essential for the team at CapAcuity. Many consultations with clients take place all over, so there is a need to have this information available while maintaining security. This includes maintaining the server for CapAcuity, and stopping any breaks in the system before they happen. Testing and recovery plans are initiated with this service in cases of emergencies.

24/7 IT Support

No matter when CapAcuity needs IT support, a team member can access their network and assist them. The help desk can assist with any technology troubleshooting issues that they may be having or any concerns. This is vital for their business operations that need assistance on demand. No matter how late you are working, early you are, or what day of the week, OnPar has a team available for assistance and monitoring networks against any security breaches. When tickets are assigned through the support system, the most qualified individual will be assigned, not just the next available. This is to promote the most accurate services.

Microsoft 365

As with other clients, being able to manage Microsoft 365 is a job that requires the knowledge of certified and experienced IT staff. Microsoft 365 works efficiently for all business types, but there are cases where updates and maintenance are required to keep it functioning efficiently. It is not as easy to hire an IT support staff with this knowledge and maintain them on a steady payroll.

What Else Can OnPar Technologies Do For Clients?

There are several additional services that OnPar offers their clients when they join a partnership. Below are some of the others that can be beneficial in all types of businesses and utilized by many of our clients.

Communication Efficiency

Providing the most efficient ways to communicate with clients near and far is vital to OnPar. For quick and efficient communication, clients can choose from PBX phone systems, Office 365 systems, and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft teams can be used internally and externally when you opt for external access to your organization.

Identity Protection

In addition to securing the content and data within your network, protection against the dark web is critical for our team. We strive to keep financial information safe and any identifying information that can be used for identity theft. Without a team monitoring the system regularly, a business could be exposed and the information sold before it is too late.

Computer Repair

If some hardware stops working, we can also provide support in this area. The OnPar team will prioritize any repairs so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. If you need a replacement while your hardware is being replaced, we can supply those tools quickly so that business is not impacted. These repairs are added to your monthly invoice to pay with your other services.

Moving Forward

Because of the successful relationship that CapAcuity and OnPar have developed over the years, it is a strong partnership that will continue. These partnerships are critical to OnPar, and we want to maintain these services for our clients for the next 15 years.

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