OnPar Technologies Provides Seamless IT Support For Camrett Logistics’ Growing Business

Camrett Logistics is a third-party logistics (3PL) company that’s been in business for over 25 years. They provide distribution and warehousing services for their customers in the manufacturing field, storing products for a period of time, and then shipping them when required.

As an active and growing business, with ten locations and counting, Camrett Logistics requires seamless and effective support from its IT company. That’s why they work with OnPar Technologies.

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Camrett Logistics Was Outgrowing Their IT Company

“We were working with a local IT company, and honestly, we had outgrown them,” says Lisa Carter, Controller, Camrett Logistics. “We were growing fast, had lots of security needs, and our customers had lots of IT needs.”

Prior to working with OnPar Technologies, Camrett Logistics was partnered with an IT company that had met their needs for some time. However, over their years in business, Camrett Logistics has steadily grown, gaining new clients and opening up new locations.

Eventually, they expanded to the point where they began to outpace their IT company’s capabilities. When they opened their sixth location, it became clear that they needed to find a new IT company with the scope and resources to support their growing business.

“We were looking for a very responsive and flexible IT company,” says Lisa. “OnPar Technologies checked all of those boxes for us.”

Since partnering with OnPar Technologies, Camrett Logistics has nearly doubled its size, now with ten locations in Virginia and West Virginia. OnPar Technologies has ensured they had the support they needed every step of the way.

OnPar Technologies Provides Consistent And Personal Service For Camrett Logistics

One of the reasons that Lisa and the Camrett Logistics team initially chose to partner with OnPar Technologies was because of their first interaction. The OnPar Technologies team visited onsite to talk about what they could offer, and to get to know the Camrett Logistics staff.

“One of the things that really impressed us was that they came and talked to us in person — more or less, a cold call,” says Lisa. “We got to know them upfront, and ever since, it’s been awesome.”

After the discussion was over, Lisa was impressed with the representatives from OnPar Technologies but assumed she’d never see them again. Based on her experience with other IT companies, she expected that, if they became a client, they’d be offloaded to a few IT helpdesk technicians that she had never met.

But that wasn’t the case — OnPar Technologies explained that, as their IT partner, they would be in the loop, and in contact with Camrett Logistics on an ongoing basis.

“With OnPar, they sit down with us at least once a year (but more often, if we ask them to), to review the computers that need to be replaced,” says Lisa. “That has been instrumental in keeping us up and running all the time.”

This is the consistent and effective support that Camrett Logistics was looking for in an IT partner. Lisa and the Camrett Logistics team know that OnPar Technologies is proactively solving problems, and is available to provide remote support when needed.

“They do just about everything remotely, and when we have needed someone to go onsite, either Scott comes up himself, or they contract it out,” says Lisa. “They are very quick to tell us about an issue. They tell us before we know what’s going on, and the problem is fixed immediately.”

OnPar Technologies Helps Camrett Logistics Meet Customer SLAs

A top priority for Camrett Logistics is uptime and continuity. In the 3PL industry, customers can impose strict expectations through service level agreements, and companies like Camrett Logistics have to meet them or risk losing money and business.

“One of our customers has a very strict policy — if we go down, we can only be down for three hours,” says Lisa.

As such, Camrett Logistics had to be confident that OnPar Technologies will be able to keep them up and running around the clock, and largely mitigate the potential for downtime. If their systems ever went down, they would need to get back up and running in under three hours.

“That was a concern at first, with OnPar being so far away, but we have had no issues because of their great customer service,” says Lisa. “They make sure our equipment is top-notch and in great working condition. We haven’t even come close to that three-hour limit.”

OnPar Technologies Helps Camrett Logistics Protect Their Customers’ Products

“In the 3PL industry, we are handling other people’s products all the time, so our inventory control system is very important to our operations,” says Lisa.

Cybercrime is a major concern for companies like Camrett Logistics. Ransomware has become a plague in their industry, and so, they need to be able to rely on their IT partner to keep them protected.

“We have had some colleagues in the same industry that have been hit with ransomware attacks, so the first thing we did was call up OnPar to figure out what our options are so we know we’re protected,” says Lisa. “They showed us everything that they’re doing, which is above the standard.”

OnPar Technologies even goes beyond simple technical safeguards — they help Camrett Logistics ensure their staff is secure too. OnPar Technologies oversees a cybersecurity awareness training program for the Camrett Logistics team, running simulated phishing tests, and showing users how to identify cybercrime threats in real-time.

“They’re implementing training with our employees for phishing scams,” says Lisa. “Education is a big part with them also, and we’ve been very impressed with that aspect of it.”

OnPar Technologies Delivers Support That Camrett Logistics Can Rely On

Since partnering with OnPar Technologies, Camrett Logistics has enjoyed seamless and effective support for their entire organization.

That’s what Lisa and the Camrett Logistics team want from their IT. They want to be confident it will work as expected, day in and day out. Their IT needs to be responsive and secure — and with OnPar Technologies’ help, that’s what they get.

“I can’t tell you the number of times my site managers have called and said ‘Thank you for changing to OnPar’,” says Lisa. “‘They do what we need them to do’. The site managers are so happy with the service — OnPar is that good.”