Small or medium-sized business owners in Raleigh have to invest time and effort into finding the right IT services. It is one of the most important business decisions. The right partner should be a trusted advisor presently and in the future. They should understand your industry and business goals. Even though there are plenty of options, they aren’t always right. Consider working with OnPar Technologies for excellent services. We offer you excellent IT services, constant communication, and support for your software.

OnPar Technologies has been helping businesses in Raleigh for more than 20 years. The goal of the company is to deliver fast and high-quality business IT support. We go out of our way to minimize your business downtime.

Why Should You Choose OnPar For Business IT Services?

Quick Response and Resolution

We take pride in delivering help as soon as you need it. We sort our help desk tickets and get them to an engineer as soon as possible. We are always measuring our help desk KPIs to ensure that we reach our targets. Our goal is to resolve your issues in minutes rather than hours.

We understand the benefits of fast response and help you enjoy them. One of the biggest ones is having happy customers. Every time your business is down, your customers suffer. 72% of customers expect you to resolve complaints within an hour. If you fail to address them promptly, you are likely to get negative reviews. Another serious consequence of slow response time is reduced profits. We take care of your issues fast to ensure that your customer response and business productivity are not affected.

Network Monitoring

Our networking abilities make sure that your networks are always working at their best. Our network monitoring solutions are unmatched. We can help you stay ahead of security threats and prevent downtime in the future.

Network monitoring is necessary for both small and large businesses. Its primary purpose is to monitor the usage of your computer networks and their performance. We detect slow and failing systems and address them before they get out of hand.

Our network marketing can help you maintain and improve security. We ensure that your data remains safe at all times. Our team keeps track of everything and lets you know when there is a cause for alarm. We are happy to recommend and help you implement solutions. Network monitoring is one of the most proactive ways to deal with your problems. Since we offer 24/7 monitoring, problems rarely get past us.


Our team makes communication across distributed environments fast and easy. Whether you have a team of remote workers or satellite offices, we will help you run consistently and with the right technologies. If you have new workers, we can get them up and running in just a few minutes.

Once you choose to partner with us, we communicate with you and ensure that we understand your expectations and goals. Our team sets communication expectations right from the start.

If there are any tech problems, we let you know about them as soon as we can. Even though we do everything in our power to resolve your issues promptly, we uphold transparency at all times. Members of your team can reach us whenever they have questions.

We have open communication channels as we believe that open and consistent communication is the foundation of our relationship with you. With our consistent communication, we can help you gain and maintain your customers’ loyalty.

Technical Support

If you need tech support, we are happy to offer you. We use simple solutions to your problems. We speak with members of your team with simple non-tech language to ensure that even your non-tech staff does not feel left out.

Ability to Stick to Your Goal

One of the best reasons to work with us for your business IT services in Raleigh is that we do not only understand your goals but also stick with it when making decisions. We realize that achieving your goal is your main priority, so we make it our priority as well. We stay true to the course until you get what you want. Members of our team have the same fire and zeal as your in-house team. All our solutions are tailored towards gaining a competitive advantage and achieving your mission.

Mobile Solutions

Most businesses are now using mobile devices, and we can no longer treat it as an afterthought. We are happy to provide you with reliable mobile IT solutions. With our help, you can use your laptops, tablets, and cell phones for work without having to worry about security issues. We help you manage your mobile devices.

Reputation and Awards

We have a fantastic reputation and received the Microsoft East Region Partner of the year award. The award served as recognition of our growth and leadership. We achieved as a result of our dedication to helping local businesses use technology to achieve their goals. When you are ready to transform your business, we are happy to provide you with the expertise you need.

Business IT Support Services

In the rare event that your system experiences any problems, we are always available to offer help. We have the skills and expertise to fix your issues fast. Our 24/7 support helps you avoid inconvenient downtimes.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

We can help you develop and implement data-loss prevention techniques. We are happy to help you in case of security problems. We work with your team to develop a recovery plan that addresses your specific needs.

Cloud Computing

Most small and medium businesses use cloud services but may not understand the cloud completely. We are happy to give you answers if you have any questions. We do all the work for you while you enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. You can store all your data safely for easy access.

If you are looking for business IT services in Raleigh, contact OnPar Technologies today and schedule your complimentary IT services consultation.