Investing In The Right Information Technology Partnership

Key Points From The Article:

  • Another successful business relationship between OnPar Technologies and one of their more recent clients, Blue Chair LLC, is reviewed.
  • Blue Chair LLC found advantages in using OnPar Technologies and has even saved money throughout their relationship.
  • OnPar is embarking on a 15-year milestone of success and continuing these successful client relationships.

Who is Blue Chair LLC?

Located in Kansas City, MO. Blue Chair LLC offers its clients services that help boost small businesses and provide opportunities for those locally who are looking to take advantage of their entrepreneurial options. They also offer a variety of support systems themselves for their clients, such as marketing needs and helping boost their success. At the moment, there are three large assets managed by Blue Chair LLC: Gragg Advertising, Lever1, and IntegriShield. Blue Chair’s philosophy is to maintain honesty, accountability, and integrity and inspire other businesses, encouraging them to move forward.

To maintain this equity management, Blue Chair seeks the most successful solutions through strategies like acquisitions, management of equity, and mergers when necessary. Blue Chair is not limited to the types of businesses and industries on its client list. They understand that all industries are needed for an economy to thrive.

For Blue Chair to offer these services in the most innovative ways and boost communication, they needed a high-quality IT support team to help navigate different programs with a limited IT staff.  With the resources offered by OnPar, Blue Chair can improve its offerings and communications and expand its clientele.

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Blue Chair LLC and OnPar

Approximately a year and a half ago, Blue Chair LLC and OnPar developed a relationship that would manifest successfully. Providing essential IT support to this Kansas City business gave them the assistance they needed for their operations, all while saving money in the process. The success of this relationship has continued to grow, and has a promising future ahead because of the ways OnPar has assisted Blue Chair LLC.

Because of OnPar, Michael Schuler, the CIO of Blue Chair LLC, discusses the benefits of partnering with OnPar Technologies. According to the CIO, the relationship with OnPar has been a successful investment. The relationship will continue to thrive based on how OnPar works as the medium between them and Microsoft.

Microsoft 365

Attempting to navigate Microsoft 365 on your own can be a complex task. It isn’t that Microsoft 365 is difficult to use, but there are different features when it comes to 365 Business and 365 Enterprise. Depending on the size of your business and the required operational tasks, you need the features of different operations that you may not be familiar with.

For Microsoft 365 to maintain its innovation and efficiency, updates and new versions must be regularly maintained. Having to keep up with this schedule can be done by small businesses, but it is much easier to manage through the help of

With Blue Chair, Michael Schuler was looking for an option that would make it easy and understandable to his team. Offering support for Microsoft 365 was one of the reasons he decided to partner with OnPar so that another team managed these updates and versions so that the Blue Chair team could focus solely on their clients.

Saving Money

One of the best returns that Blue Chair LLC has noticed since partnering with OnPar is financial savings. They were happy and surprised to discover that these resources were available in just minutes and still saved the company money. Instead of hiring one or more employees with full-time salaries, the amount of resources a client has access to through membership is significantly less than what you would pay to have these skills exclusively in the office.

Because less money was used on full-time salaries for IT staff, it could be invested in other business areas to boost their interaction with clients and become more efficient with those needs.  Putting these funds back into their assets and other clients was an unexpected bonus that Blue Chair experienced in their relationship with OnPar Technologies.

Partnered Resources

One of the most significant benefits that Blue Chair LLC has discovered in our partnership is the ample resources we provide at OnPar. By tapping into our services, there are employees with OnPar who have experience in several cyber areas. The years of experience are difficult to match, especially in smaller companies that are not affiliated with corporations and large organizations. The resources, however, can match those larger competitors’ quality and are just a fraction of the cost.

With these resources, Blue Clair can utilize wireless and network access from various locations, whether they are meeting with local clients or some that are farther away. Other services like web security and protecting vital information is also essential for a business like Blue Chair.

Fifteen Years of Success

Although we have only been working with Blue Chair LLC and CIO Michael Schuler for approximately 18 months, we are looking forward to the many years we have in the future with them. We are in our 15th year of steady success at OnPar and are on track to keep that trend going. Reaching this milestone has only been achievable because of clients like Blue Chair LLC and allowing us to take care of their IT needs.

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Being able to offer the entire spectrum of IT services, ranging from security and protection to maintaining software and communication, is why OnPar is chosen time and time again by clients in all industries. Many clients do not realize the benefits of these services until they join and utilize them regularly.

If you have a business that needs high-quality and updated IT support, contact us at OnPar today for more information. We are happy to discuss our service offerings in detail with you and meet all of your IT needs.