9 Ways to Send Large Files by Email

We have all experienced frustrations that come with sending large files by email. Ideally, most email servers are designed to prevent you from sending large files over a specific size due to limited storage capacity. For instance, you can’t send files bigger than 25 MB on Yahoo Mail and Gmail or 20MB on Outlook.  However, if you can’t send your file the traditional way, don’t worry; we have got 9 easy and cheap ways to help you send the largest of files to whomever, within minutes:

Try WeTransfer

WeTransfer provides one of the simplest ways to send larger files that don’t fit in a standard Microsoft Outlook email. With this platform, you can easily share large files of up to 2GB for free, including large-sized photos and video files. It also allows you to upload and send files as often as you like to up to 20 people concurrently. Business users can opt for the WeTransfer Pro that costs $12 per month or $120 a year. The paid option allows you to send up to 20 GB worth of files in one go and customize the time limit for your file’s deletion. WeTransfer Pro comes with a 1 TB of cloud storage, an option to password protect your files, and an ability to customize whenever your files get deleted.

Use Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is another fantastic platform that allows files up to 4GB to be sent. This tool is highly compatible with various platforms and boasts dedicated iOS and Android apps, a WordPress plugin, and a wide range of desktop operating systems. The desktop app features a clean interface with well-arranged buttons for sending/receiving files on a range of devices. Ideally, you can use this platform to move files between devices running on separate platforms without encountering the usual restriction of email attachments due to size or poor speed Wi-Fi. SendAnywhere is compatible with almost every platform out there, including Android, iOS, Chrome App, Window Store, Amazon Kindle, Office 365 Outlook, and many more.

Upload to a Cloud Storage Space

Cloud storage spaces such as Google DriveDropbox, or OneDrive offer one of the easiest ways to sending larger files over email. Depending on your email provider, there is likely established corresponding cloud storage. For example, there is Google Drive for Gmail and OneDrive for Outlook.com. When sending a file using a platform like Gmail, use the Google Drive button on the platform. Pressing the button allows you to choose your file and send it just like a regular attachment. Alternatively, you can download larger files to Dropbox and send a web link via email or text to your recipient, which they will use to retrieve the file.

Leverage 7-zip

Leverage file compression software such as the 7-zip to send your multiple large files with little fuzz. The platform is designed to compress an entire folder of files at once without additional software. Since it supports lossless data compression, 7-zip is ideal for saving time and space while guaranteeing your files are intact. Most operating systems can extract Zip files easily.

Use MyAirBridge

You can also upload your large file to MyAirBridge and generate a link to share via the platform. MyAirBridge is a free platform that allows you to upload and share up to 20 GB through an email or shared link. Ideally, the link you send to your recipient takes them to direct download. The platform also offers plans ranging from Basic to Enterprise. The Enterprise option enables you to access up to 15 TB storage, options to password protect your files and unlimited uploads of up to 100 GB.


MailBigFile allows you to send files up to 2GB in size and upload up to five files at a time. Notably, the recipient will have up to 10 days to download the files. Paid, professional versions allow for larger files of up to 20 GB. It also comes with file tracking, apps, secure connections, and more downloads per file. Additionally, files on paid plans are available for up to 60 days.


TransferNow is available as a free or paid premium service. The free version allows uploads of files up to 4 GB, while the premium one allows uploads of up to 20 GB of files. Downloads for the free version are available for seven days, while the premium version allows a 30 days deadline. Ideally, the platform notifies you through email sent 48 hours before the files expire. Other notable features include unlimited downloads per transfer, the ability to select the send or expiration dates for transfers, and password protection features.


DropSend allows you to send files of up to 4GB for free or 8GB with a paid account to any email address across the planet. With this platform sending files is easy. All you need is to provide email information on the website, then select the file to transfer. Once the files are ready to download, your recipient will be notified via email. Ideally, the platform has monthly limits for sending large files, with the free account allowing five sends per month. The paid accounts, however, allow for more sends of up to 45 per month. DropSend leverages 256-bit AES security to guarantee the security of your files.


If you are looking for a free method to send larger files of up to 50 GB, try Filemail. The paid version adds exceptional features, including password protection, outlook add-ons, no size limit on sent files, and a branded site that allows clients or colleagues to send you files seamlessly. Notably, files that are sent via the platform are uploaded to Filemail’s cloud storage. You will need to send your recipient an email with instructions on how to download the files. Filemail provides delivery tracking and is compatible with all platforms and web servers.

Leverage the Right Large File Transfer Service

With the right large file transfer service, you never need to worry about seeing the familiar “Sorry. File too large” message ever again. The tools we have provided in this blog allow you to send massive files easily, including those that are way too big to be sent as email attachments.

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