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OnPar DaaS
A Powerhouse Remote
Workforce Solution

Only Per User, Per Month.

OnPar’s DaaS Solution Includes:

  1. Surface Book that offers powerful performance for even the most demanding remote workloads.
  2. Microsoft 365 Business Premium for any time, anywhere access to:
    • Microsoft Teams for video conferencing, calling, and instant messaging.
    • Desktop/Online Versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for real-time editing, sharing, and collaboration.
    • InTune Mobile Device Management to manage, monitor, and wipe devices.
  3. Ongoing Support from OnPar Technologies that’s responsive and timely when you need it.

Why This? Why Now?

  • Work confidently knowing workers are using secure, modern devices.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with access to productivity applications, video conferencing, etc.
  • Keep customers and partners informed with live events, document sharing, etc.