Mobile Device Management

In today’s world, businesses use more mobile devices than ever to maximize collaboration and enhance efficiency. Still, security is often compromised when multiple devices are used to access critical business data and files.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions from OnPar Technologies allow you to secure and manage mobile devices across multiple operating systems. We provide automatic configuration, certificate-based security, and selective wiping of enterprise data for both corporate and user-owned devices.

Mobile Device Management from OnPar Technologies gives you:

  • Secure management of mobile devices across operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Management engine with security policies and compliance rules
  • Simple, intuitive management console
  • Integration with backend IT infrastructures like Active Directory
  • Onboard certificate authority and Wi-Fi, email and VPN configuration
  • Support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs
  • Selective wipe and restore of information, without compromising on end-user privacy
  • Advanced reporting on usage of mobile devices and applications

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Enjoy mobile device security, connectability and ease of use.