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Security and Threat Protection

Are you safe from the latest threats?

Cybersecurity may not be your company’s primary focus, but it is crucial to your survival. Hackers are developing advanced types of malware, online scams, and network intrusions at a record pace, which means you need an equally advanced cybersecurity framework to avoid the financial and reputational repercussions of getting hacked.

OnPar Technologies is here to protect you from the latest threats. In addition to Bitdefender software and Email Threat Protection solutions, we perform comprehensive assessments to understand the weaknesses of your systems and recommend the best way to secure them.

Our tools and tactics are designed to keep malware and hackers at bay.

We also utilize the following solutions to keep you safe:

  • Multi-factor authentication - helps you prevent account hijacking by adding other authentication methods apart from usernames and passwords.
  • Password manager - helps you generate strong and random encrypted passwords and stores them in one place.
  • Patch management software - updates applications across your company so you don’t experience a security breach or system failure.
  • Datto Partner
  • VMWare Partner
  • Cisco

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