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Network Installation Services In North Carolina

Fast and secure networks allow you to work efficiently, enabling your organization to keep your customers happy and avoid harmful delays or security breaches. At OnPar Technologies, we provide network installation services to small and large companies in Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem & Beyond.

Network Installation Services In North Carolina From OnPar Technologies

Fast and secure networks allow you to work efficiently, enabling your organization to keep your customers happy and avoid harmful delays or security breaches. At OnPar Technologies, we provide network installation services to small and large companies in Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem & Beyond. Our network installation services enable organizations to plan and strengthen their capacity for increasing data volumes while facilitating a fast and reliable service for their users and customers.

We can install new network infrastructure from the ground-up, or optimize your existing network. Our installation services begin with a needs assessment, which helps us fully understand the solutions you need and implement a robust network to support your technology. Everything is built with scalability in mind, keeping your network flexible enough to withstand the changing business demands.

Network Installation Services In North Carolina

OnPar Technologies Network Installation Services In North Carolina

We provide comprehensive network installation services, including:

  • LAN and WAN network installation services: A Local Area Network (LAN) is a technology network covering a particular local area, such as an office building or several adjacent buildings, while a Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network that covers a larger geographical area. At OnPar Technologies, we provide both LAN and WAN network installation services to small and large corporations. Whether your needs are simple or complex, we can design and install a LAN or WAN network that’s personalized for your business and location requirements to facilitate speed, efficiency, and security.
  • VPN or Remote Access setup and configuration: Are you looking to enhance protection for your employees so they can work remotely from any location? In that case, our VPN (Virtual Private Network) setup and configuration services are perfect for you. We offer complete setup and configuration of VPNs in response to your business needs. We will help you get up and running on a fast, reliable, and secure network while protecting your organization.
  • Wireless networking services: OnPar understands how important it is to keep mission-critical applications running at peak performance when it comes to your wireless network. Our experienced IT professionals can design, implement, and configure wireless networks to meet the challenges and needs of your business. Whether you need a large wireless network to cover a large office or building and to reach several users, or you want simple wireless networking capabilities within your office, we can help. We pay special attention to your needs when designing and implementing your wireless networking system, including security concerns and network speed requirements.
  • Network security services: At OnPar Technologies, we provide more than network installation services. We ensure that your data remains secure by safeguarding your networks and ensuring that any threats are blocked immediately before you are aware there is an issue. Our goal is to ensure your network, including wireless services, is safe and private.
  • Network maintenance: Minimize downtime and ensure business continuity by predicting and preventing network faults with our network maintenance services. You can count on us for real-time network monitoring to identify and resolve issues before they have any impact on your business. Whether you require assistance designing and implementing new networking requirements, or you’d like to ensure your current network is performing at its best, we can help. With OnPar Technologies, your network will always be connected.
  • Windows Active Directory setup: With Windows Active Directory Services, all machines are connected to a domain, which means all of the information is stored in a central location, allowing you to manage your network from one point. There’s no need to create and maintain user accounts, and there’s simple identity management as you can view all the user information. Our experts can set up a secure and scalable Active Directory according to your organization’s specific requirements.
  • Setup for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Unix networking systems: Your business is only efficient as the platform it operates on. Our networking engineers can help you choose and set up the best networking system for your business to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Server and PC setup: Increase your business productivity and security with a dedicated network server to handle your daily operations while securing your information. Server and PC deployment can be complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming. Instead of exhausting yourself or your IT personnel, let the experienced professionals at OnPar Technologies handle your server and PC setup. We can configure the server as per your requirements with fully assembled features, customize and set up the hardware according to your specifications, and test all installed components.
  • Cloud services and how to connect to the network: As workplaces become more digital and the adoption of mobile and cloud applications grows, your network needs to meet the rising demand for secure, high-speed network access. OnPar Technologies can install a network that includes public, private, or hybrid cloud services. We can design and build a unique configuration that allows you to optimize network traffic flow, protect and support applications, and meet your specific business needs.
  • Data cabling and other low voltage cabling services: Your devices can communicate only as well as the cabling that links them will allow. Poor cabling translates to more downtime that equates to a lot of time wasted. And time is money. Don’t get tangled up with downtime that comes from insufficient data and network wiring. Our data cabling and low voltage cabling services ensure your system is running as fast as it should and that those who depend on it remain productive. We offer network installation services that will meet your voice and data network requirements. From the initial consultation, stripping back your existing cabling to installation and ongoing support, we’ll always be available to help with your cabling project.
  • Internet access and Internet security: Threats from malware, ransomware, and viruses are constantly changing and evolving, so it’s vital to have a robust internet security infrastructure that keeps up with those threats and shields your business from them. Our Internet access and internet security services will safeguard your company from malware, phishing, hacking and other forms of cyberattacks, ensuring your employees have secure access to the internet.

Network Security Installation Services in Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, and Winston-Salem

At OnPar Technologies, we help businesses in Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, and Winston-Salem install fast and reliable networks. Our network installation services ensure your network has optimal connection speed, as well as effective cybersecurity measures to prevent cyberattacks and other IT-related breaches. We will work with you to ensure your network meets the core needs of the organization. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our network installation experts.