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Are You Sure Your Microsoft 365 Data Is Protected Against Ransomware Attacks?

True or false: You don’t need an additional backup if you use Microsoft 365.


Have you bought into the myth that Microsoft 365 acts as a backup for your data?

That’s a dangerous assumption to make.

The reality is that Microsoft does not accept liability for disruption or loss of your data as a result of a disruption or outage.

If you read the fine print, you’ll discover two shocking truths:

  1. Microsoft recommends backing up your data with a third-party solution.
  2. In the event of a ransomware infection, Microsoft recommends verifying your backups first.

All of this goes to show why Microsoft 365 backups are so important—discover more in our upcoming webinar:


Date: April 20rd, 2022

Time: 2PM EST

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