Tailor Technology to Your Budget

Reduce overall costs, capture tax benefits and increase flexibility. Finance 100% of your solution.

Our solutions offer you technology tailored to your business needs, without the risks associated with outright ownership. Our LeaseOn® “technology as a service” program eliminates up-front capital expenditures for software, services and hardware, enabling you to spread payments over the useful life of your technology investment. Ensure your company stays current with ever-changing technology while conserving working capital.

OnPar Technologies provides your business with:

  • Competitive Edge - A continuous “technology refresh” will protect you from technology obsolescence, and the many issues and inefficiencies associated with using obsolete equipment.
  • Flexibility - OnPar Technologies offers a wide-variety of Technology as a Service packages and payment plans custom fit for your organization and specific business needs.
  • Easy Disposal - Eliminate EPA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance concerns by returning all hardware and computer components to OnPar Technologies for recycling at the end of your lease term.

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