Connect Your Distributed Workforce

With 34 million Americans working from home*, we know you need technology that helps you empower your remote staff and offices.

OnPar Technologies will help you connect your remote team members so they have access to business critical communications and data. Our designs not only improve access but enhance collaboration and increase workflow.

Let OnPar Technologies connect your work with:

  • Faster Onboarding - Our technology gives your remote employees the same communications capability as if they’re in the home office with immediate access to important information and support staff. We’ll even package an “Office In a Box” with preconfigured hardware, mobile devices and software. Have new employees up and running in the same day.
  • More Collaboration - With capabilities like Microsoft Skype for Business, your remote employees will be an integral part of the team with online meeting access. Central data access will give everyone real-time visibility to the most up-to-date information and project progress. All with no travel expenses.
  • Improved Productivity - Reliable systems, better communications capability, improved collaboration, secure file sharing and reduced costs means improved productivity for your business. Employees will be able to get more work done regardless of where they happen to be working from.

*Forrester Research

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