SharePoint Design

How can your business maximize the benefits of collaboration, social computing, portals, and business intelligence?

SharePoint Design from OnPar Technologies ensures that all your team members are on the same page, equipped with the tools they need to collaborate in a centralized system for maximum efficiency.

Benefits of SharePoint Design include:

  • Collaboration - teams can manage projects, collaborate, publish documents, and more, through a consistent user interface
  • Enterprise Search - quickly find people, expertise, and content in business applications
  • Enterprise Content Management - easily create and manage documents, records and web content
  • Portals - connect line-of-business data, insights, and processes with the right people
  • Business Intelligence - allow workers to access, analyze and publish reports to make more informed decisions
  • Social Computing - allows for seamless collaboration regardless of where your employees are, via project portals, podcasts, blogs and live communication
  • Business Process and Forms - automate and streamline business processes with electronic workflows and forms

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