Ridgemoor Case Management- Understanding Technology and Safeguarding Client Data

Business Challenge

Ridgemoor is a well-respected medical case management services firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan which has been in business for nearly 30 years. Over the years, Ridgemoor has invested in technology and always tried to stretch their investment given the relatively short lifecycle of most technology.
Ridgemoor Case Management’s IT department was nearing “end of support” for a Microsoft Server and began to investigate options. Particularly, important to them was ensuring patient data security, better HIPAA compliance, minimal staff training for the new system and elimination of variables that could cause down time. They also wanted an IT platform that was scalable and the technology life cycle could be leveraged well into the future.

We had several concurrent goals to achieve with our new system.  OnPar did a great job of managing the entire project, especially during the data conversion portions that can keep you up at night and continue to assist with refining the systems capabilities as we roll them out.

Jeff Stowe
Decision Maker
Ridgemoor Case Management



Ridgemoor learned of OnPar Technologies through a referral from Microsoft. After reviewing five providers and long discussions about technology options and OnPar’s experience, Ridgemoor selected OnPar as their IT provider. One of the key factors in choosing this IT vendor was OnPar’s willingness to 100% prove a successful data migration to the cloud for a minimal commitment. This was key for Ridgemoor as they had a very old legacy Access database. While other IT vendors seemed uncertain or wanted bigger up front commitments, OnPar’s confident approach made the decision easy for Ridgemoor. In very short order and on schedule, the data transition was successful and OnPar transitioned Ridgemoor Case Management’s whole IT system to the cloud. Now real-time patient data is accessible nearly anywhere to Ridgemoor staff, but only stored in secure cloud storage. Ridgemoor’s system is automatically backed-up throughout the day. Advanced security measures are in place and upgraded constantly. OnPar also monitors the system 24/7 to ensure no breaches occur and any hardware issues are addressed before any outages occur.


With instant access to up-to-date patient data from any location and device, timely patient care has improved. Ridgemoor has realized their critical business objectives of ensuring data security, better compliance with HIPAA regulations, plans for disaster recovery and mitigating system downtime. All of this while minimizing costly retraining of staff, minimizing capital outlay on hardware and better managing overhead costs into the future. Most importantly, Ridgemoor has OnPar Technologies as an IT partner they can trust regardless of the direction technology takes them into the future.



  • Replace dated technology and invest in new technology early in its lifecycle
  • Invest in a new systems platform that is scalable
  • Ensure patient data security, better HIPAA compliance, business continuation and avoid downtime

Solutions Implemented:

  • Seamless migration from legacy Access database to new cloud solution
  • Transitioned entire IT system to a cloud platform
  • Advance security measures in place and real-time patient data secured in cloud storage
  • System automatically backed up and monitored 24/7


  • Patient care improved with instant, real-time patient data
  • Accomplished objectives of ensuring data security, better HIPAA compliance, disaster recovery solution and mitigating system downtime
  • Avoided capital outlay and improved overhead costs
  • Gained trusted IT partner