Meet The CEO

Jeremy McParlan

Jeremy McParlan

President & CEO

With 20 years of information technology experience, Jeremy has led businesses in a variety of industries in embracing advanced IT solutions. He has a number of Microsoft certifications, earning his first in 1995.

Jeremy has held a range of IT management positions, including Chief Technology Officer, in the banking, transportation and hospitality industries prior to starting OnPar Technologies. He has lead significant technology projects including consolidating and updating communications, servers, databases, network infrastructure, security systems and end client capabilities.

Jeremy began OnPar in 2007 to help businesses recognize how new technologies can benefit them and capture the value of their technology investments.

What were you doing at the time in 2007 that prompted you to begin OnPar Technologies?

In 2007 I was the IT Director for a marketing agency chartered by the NC General Assembly and local governments to promote Durham, NC as a visitor destination. With advancements at the time in IT remote maintenance and management tools, I saw a business opportunity providing Information Technology services to a broader base while still serving the local community. In fact, OnPar’s first client was the destination marketing agency I had previously worked for.

What was your vision for OnPar in 2007 versus what it is now?

Despite the radical shift to ‘cloud’ that occurred during the Great Recession, the vision hasn’t changed: (1) Implement innovative technology that is simple, lean and integrated so our clients excel and profit in the digital age. (2) Provide a service and support experience second to none. (3) Build a company that employees are proud to work for and that customers trust and enjoy doing business with.

What were some of your biggest challenges you faced when beginning this company?

In the beginning when you’re a “one-man band” you do it all. I was a technician with some business management experience, but needed to wear other hats: accounting and finance, sales, marketing, legal, HR, etc. It’s a challenge to juggle and you learn quickly to tap in to outside talent or bring in talent to satisfy all the roles. You don’t know it all and you can’t do it all. It’s a constant learning experience. Keeping up with the pace at which things change is the biggest ongoing challenge we face. The rate of innovation in technology is staggering and accelerates every year. Innovation offers opportunity but brings a variety of challenges such as increased competition, regulatory and compliance issues and security concerns.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments in these 10 years?

I’m very proud that we’ve distinguished ourselves as one of the top Microsoft Partners in the US. As a young kid, I remember tinkering with MS-DOS. When MS Windows hit the scene, I was mesmerized. I’ve worked with Microsoft technology all my life and it’s been incredible to be part of the evolution as a Microsoft Gold Partner. There is a bit of nostalgia because even the most recent release of Windows, Windows 10, retains some of the core functions from 1985. Aside from the Microsoft Partnership, I’m most proud of the numerous case studies, testimonials, and feedback we’ve received from the customers we serve. It’s positive proof we’re accomplishing what we set out to do, providing clients with unrivaled technology solutions and customer service.

Why do your customers choose OnPar Technologies over other IT Support companies?

I think we offer a unique experience joining enterprise-class technology solutions with a small company feel and “VIP” customer service. Our engineers have a high level of technical proficiency and a “fix it the first time” attitude. Communication is straightforward with no nonsense or geek-speak. We’re also very selective with our industry partnerships. We choose the best, fully commit to their programs, and leverage those relationships and associated technology to the max.

How would you describe our company culture?

Collectively we are forward thinking with a passion for problem solving and technology. It is fun and rewarding to tackle business challenges with new and innovative technologies. Internally we utilize many of the same solutions that we offer our customers and have created a flexible, distributed work environment that offers near perfect work-life balance. There is a great deal of creative freedom and synergy that continues to propel us. We take pride in our mutual success and celebrate even the smallest achievements. As a truly virtual company, we look forward to getting the whole team together for travel and fun!

What do you want OnPar to be known for?

I want OnPar to leave a lasting impression by providing a positive experience all around. Our experts strive for ‘first call’ resolution, dedicating time, attention and top talent to every call. I also want OnPar to be a trusted resource. We are a highly ethical company and believe in doing the right thing. I want that to be apparent when interacting with our team.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Most of my spare time is spent with my family, my wife Kristin and two young children, Natalie and Jack. There is never a dull moment with the kids. I also enjoy watching sports, traveling, golfing, playing guitar and cooking in the deep fryer, slow cooker and most recently the smoker. I’m planning to include more exercise in my spare time in 2017 but we’ll see how that goes!