About Us

Founded in 2007, CEO Jeremy McParlan began OnPar Technologies out of his passion for business, technology, creative freedom, and helping others. At the time, in 2007, there was a great deal of confusion as to what exactly “Information Technology (IT)” meant for businesses. Of course, technology played a vital role in business, but 2007 was really the year where our society began to see the first light towards the dawn of the digital age that we are currently experiencing. Businesses understood that they had to make significant IT investments to thrive and compete in the technology driven economy, but they lacked the guidance as to how to best implement those technologies. They didn’t know what resources they needed and what technology investments should be made. Many companies were dealing with limited integration and redundancy between systems. Jeremy McParlan saw this as an opportunity to guide businesses to tie everything together so that the various systems were better connected, better integrated and “on par” with one another.

OnPar Technologies is dedicated to helping our partners unleash opportunities and we are able to accomplish this through the following:

  1. Implement innovative technology that is simple, lean and integrated so that our clients can excel and profit in the digital age
  2. Provide a service and support experience second to none.
  3. Build a company that employees are proud to work for and one in which customers trust and enjoy doing business with.

OnPar strives to consistently bridge the gap between people and technology so that people are able to be successful and prosper. The pace at which technology is evolving is incredible and it can be intimidating, there is a perception that technology has the ability to wipe out jobs and entire industries. And while it is true that the fundamentals of certain jobs and industries are changing with the evolution of technology, OnPar believes that technology is not in control. We view technology as an amazing and powerful tool that can propel people and businesses to new heights. We believe in unleashing your business so that you able to be more productive and efficient than ever before.

Our goal as an IT provider is to leave a lasting impression by providing a positive experience all around. Our experts strive for ‘first call’ resolution, dedicating time, attention and top talent to every call. We want to be your trusted resource. We pride ourselves on being a highly ethical company and believe in always doing the right thing.

Collectively, OnPar Technologies is a forward thinking company with a passion for problem solving and technology. We enjoy tackling business challenges that many companies face with new and innovative technologies. Internally we utilize many of the same solutions that we offer our customers, and we have managed to create a flexible, distributed work environment that offers a near perfect work-life balance. As a company, OnPar has a great deal of creative freedom and synergy that continues to propel us. We take pride in our mutual success and celebrate even the smallest achievements.

We believe that your business deserves a trusted IT partner, which is why we were just named the 2016 Microsoft US Small-Medium Sized Business Greater Southeast Partner of the Year. We also pride ourselves on being a Microsoft Gold Partner.

OnPar Technologies has the knowledge, dedication, and access to business solutions that ensures your business operates securely, reliably, and proactively. Let us be your IT partner and help you to Unleash Your Business so that you can begin to experience the benefits of technology like never before.

Unleash your business with help from OnPar Technologies

Meet our Executives

Jeremy McParlan

Jeremy McParlan

President & CEO

With 20 years of information technology experience, Jeremy has led businesses in a variety of industries in embracing advanced IT solutions. He has a number of Microsoft certifications, earning his first in 1995.

Jeremy has held a range of IT management positions, including Chief Technology Officer, in the banking, transportation and hospitality industries prior to starting OnPar Technologies. He has lead significant technology projects including consolidating and updating communications, servers, databases, network infrastructure, security systems and end client capabilities.

Jeremy began OnPar in 2007 to help businesses recognize how new technologies can benefit them and capture the value of their technology investments.

Donna Hall

Donna Hall

Director of Business Development

Donna offers a wealth of industry knowledge to our clients. She holds specializations with many of the top technology providers in the industry. Training and certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and VMWare are just a sample of the qualifications Donna has earned.

She brings more than 16 years of industry experience to OnPar clients and has created close relationships with a range of SMB and enterprise customers. Her knowledge and experience give her a keen eye for identifying where businesses can improve performance and her commitment to honesty and integrity are why clients value their relationship.

Scott Stafford

Scott Stafford

Technical Services Manager

Scott has more than a decade and a half of experience managing technical and implementation processes across a range of projects from large-scale corporate efforts to small business implementations. He has expertise with a variety of software and hardware technologies including Microsoft, Cisco, and VMWare. Scott is well versed in traditional route-switch, firewall, server and cloud infrastructure. He leads OnPar Technologies’ cloud implementation strategy and he and his team have managed migrations of more than 4,500 users to Office 365.

Scott’s leadership and technical expertise along with a customer service mentality helps to rank the OnPar Technical Support team among the very best in the industry.